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Dear friends, speakers of the language of Shakespeare, we french of one particular village in the southern flank of the Massif Central, a village made famous by a son of your soil, Robert Louis Stevenson, welcome you with open arms for your summer vacation.

L’Estréchure is a small village nestled in the “Cévennes gardoises”, the very heart of protestant France, a part of our country never quite conquered either by the Romans or the romans catholics and even today, in these remote Huguenot Valleys, we value the protestant ethic of hard work and the right to practice the religion of individual choice and we welcome those who believe likewise.  

Using l’Estréchure as your point of departure you can make day tours of the region’s many interesting tourist sites by bicycle or car or on foot, hiking many well-marked trails going from one picturesque village to another. But you can also just walk down the path to the river, one of the cleanest and clearest in France, and enjoy swimming in the deep pools or fishing. And throughout the year you are invited to join us in celebrating our local village festivals and musical events.

If you wish to stay in l’Estréchure you will find many villagers have transformed rooms in their 18th homes into gîtes and rent out charming rooms. So do several of the farmers in the more remote mountain valleys. You can also find campground facilities along the river where you can hook up a camping car or mobil home or simply set up a tent. We also have small hotel that cater to those wishing a little more comfort.

Thanks to broadband Internet, l’Estréchure permits you to remain connected to the whole world.  

So, why not indulge yourself in the joys of living in one of the most picturesque villages of the Cévennes ? Stop in our valley this summer. The 150 inhabitants of l’Estréchure welcome you.